Trials Evolution

Dear Web,

I completely forgot to mention something in my last post….

I’m pregnant. 

Okay… not really. This is a huge nerd post, BTW. What I did forget was that I got two knew video games. Not that any of you care but the video games are Trials Evolution and Bully: Scholarship Edition. I never bought Bully: Scholarship Edition because I thought it was a different game than the original called Bully which was a PlayStation 2© game. But it is the exact same game, just for the X-box 360. Which is awesome because I absolutely loved the PS2 version so I will love the X-box 360 version because it has achievements as well as the normal, awesome, story line of the trouble kid who gets sent to a horrible educational academy and has to fight for survival with all the different cliques of the school. The “nerds, jocks, preps, and greasers.” It is an awesome game!

Last night I actually got 6 achievements in the game and 3 in Trials Evolution which gave me 9 achievements in one day which is a huge gamerscore boost. Which is what I’m all about. A few of the achievements I got in Bully were smack talker and teacher’s pet. For smack talker you have to taunt 100 people and for teacher’s pet you have to pass 6 classes. Both were fairly easy achievements and it took me probably less than 30 minutes to get both, even though the too achievements aren’t related at all. I got another achievement in the process of getting teacher’s pet, which is called new kid and to get it you have to pass 3 classes. But smack talker and teacher’s pet are totally unrelated.

I also got three achievements in Trials Evolution, which is no easy task! There are only 20 achievements for that game and to get 3 achievements in one hour is pretty much the equivalent of beating 15% of the game in one hour. But that game is definitely a 25 + hour game to fully complete it and I did 15% of that 25 hours in 1 hour.. I’m B.A. I know :-p But a few of the achievements I in that game are burnt to a crisp, loonie lander, and the squirrels have eyes. Burnt to a crisp requires you to go through a whole level on fire without failing, but if you go to slow on your bike the fire with reach your engine and blow you up.. yes I know. Very realistic.. The squirrels have eyes is a collection achievement but it was probably one of the hardest collection achievements I’ve done.. There are a lot of collectables in Bully: Scholarship Edition so I will have a blast finding all of those… yay for YouTube guides! :-)

Ok so the main reason why I listed all of the achievements was so I could tag all the achievements which will hopefully redirect fellow gamers to my blog instead of actual useful YouTube guides for the achievements.. I’m diabolical. I know ;-)

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